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Super Fast Lending Process

5 Steps lending process

1. Contact local finance experts

Before Hunter Finance can lend on a project, we need to know more about the development and the type of finance that is required. This includes both residential and commercial projects. Find out more.

You can get in touch using our application form, or calling us on 01825 749721.

2. Offer

We will produce an ‘Offer in Principle’ for you which sets out the terms and conditions of the loan.

Hunter Finance offers bridging loans and property finance.

3. Surveyor Report

Once the offer is officially accepted, our surveyor will start his desktop study within 24-48 hours.

Our surveyor will then arrange a site visit to produce a development viability report.

This independent report goes through your financial plan and assesses the end product i.e. the finished project.

We only charge the rate we pay.

4. Legal Process

If the project is financially viable, we will go to the legal process.

Our solicitors will research and assess whether the title is clean and marketable and that our first charge is secure.

5. Live Loans

Once an agreement has been made, the private funds will be transferred.

Our fastest time from initial inquiry to money being transferred in the developer’s account is 10 working days.

Local, trusted private lenders

Hunter Finance operates in London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex and surrounding home counties. Apply online today.

If you would like to enquire about a property loan for your project please call 01825 749721.



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