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We only lend our own funds. There are no middlemen or brokers. We offer loans ranging from £100k – £2.5million, with new lower rates for £1 million+ transactions and 6 -12-month terms. We have been lending developers money for over a decade.

  • No hidden costs: 0% brokers fees, zero upfront fees, no initial commitment

10 year anniversaryWhat is development finance? Development finance is used by property developers to build, convert or renovate a property or development of any size.

We can negotiate and provide an excellent deal for you to cover the costs of the purchase (or refinance) of the site or property, in addition, up to 100% of build costs.

We offer short-term funding and quick and easy development finance.

At Hunter Finance we pride ourselves on offering:

  • Quicky and easy: Money into your account in days
  • No delay: Decisions in 48 hours max, every project considered including complex cases
  • Loans that cover all the costs: Access to 100% development finance for build costs
  • One loan: Up to 60% of the tract of the land purchase price, including interest, rolled up
  • No hidden costs: 0% brokers fees, zero upfront fees, zero initial commitment
  • Securing land: LTV land purchase (loans exceeding 60% may require additional security)
  • Accessible to first-time developers: Exclusive products and very competitive fees, new options for inexperienced developers

Hunter Finance are experts in private property finance

Who do we lend to?

We have provided development finance for first-time developers and large property development companies for over a decade. We pride ourselves in offering competitive rates and a rapid service to our clients. See our interest rates.

We offer loans to:

See Loan Exit Strategy.



Hundreds of completed, fast-selling developments

  • Established in 2010, registered company
  • 250 successful developments completed
  • 5-star rated, read our excellent reviews

Professional portfolio: Case studies

At Hunter Finance we are experts in property and finance development.

We help both experienced and first-time property developers to build new homes by providing fast development finance at competitive rates.

We offer a viable alternative to high street lending and mortgages, which allow developers to do what they do best; developing.

Established in 2010, we have been supplying finance to clients for nearly a decade.

Development finance application

We are industry-leading lenders.

Our loans offer a convenient and affordable way to finance a property, with a simple, hassle-free application process.

We are able to make quick decisions based on land valuation and GDV.

Buying Land | Planning Permission | Property Developing Guide

3 Good reasons to choose Hunter Finance Ltd

What makes us leading lenders in property development?

  1. Quick and easy loans: we make the decision to offer loans in less than 48 hours. To negotiate your liability, call 01825 749721.
  2. Clients save money by dealing with the lender directly. There are no brokers or middlemen slowing down the funding process. You will save thousands in fees, giving you more funds to successfully develop your land or convert properties from commercial to residential.
  3. We have 10+ years of experience with over 250 developed land plots completed. Hunter Finance doesn’t just lend money – our partnership teams are on hand to give you the tools, guides and legal support every step of the way from start to finish of your project. We have a proven track record. See case studies.
  4. We are the perfect finance vehicle for Landlords, first-timers or professionals financing new builds, barn conversions, self-build projects and basement excavations.
  5. No upfront application fees
  6. We monitor the property market to analyze any rises and falls in property prices to give you the most up to date information and news.

We approve more projects for finance that any other similar-sized company in the South East

Hunter Finance is committed to property building and developing.

We have our own growing portfolio as we develop at least one property a year, so all of our staff have hands-on and progressing development experience and can understand the issues and challenges facing our customers. Read testimonials.

Are you looking for development finance? We can help you.

Call us on 01825 749721 to discuss your project with our financial experts.

We can explain our wide range of development funding options and find the right loan size and rates that can make your land purchase and property construction possible, regardless of project scale or predicted time frames.

We offer hands-on expertise as we supply our own money for loans for all sizes of property development – from a single house or small estate to an office or commercial building.

We can offer you impressive savings on broker fees.



Key features of our development loans

We welcome proposals for our development finance from £100,000 to £2.5 million.

As a private lender, we keep the borrowing process simple and straightforward for everyone, from first-timers to experienced property developers.

We can help get your project off the ground, even if mainstream banks have turned you away. Read More.

Advantages of development finance

We started Hunter Finance to help developers with their property projects, from new housing developments to renovations.

You could borrow up to 55% of the proven gross development value of the finished project and up to 100% of the build costs. Read More.

What are the main property finance costs?

It is important to note that there are some fees associated with property development finance loans.

Unlike some lenders, we remain completely transparent when it comes to our fees and aim to keep costs down for borrowers.

By using a private lender like Hunter Finance, you will also avoid fees imposed by high street banks. Read More.

How is development finance repaid?

If you provide us with a viable proposal, including a strong exit strategy, we can help with your project.

An exit strategy is a method by which you intend to repay the loan, which could be the sale, refinancing or long-term refinancing of the property. Read More.

Whole of market development finance

The whole of market development finance brokers pitches themselves as being able to offer the best possible deals from lenders across the market.

In reality, brokers offer limited options from a curated panel of lenders, benefiting both parties, but not the borrower. Read More.

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Lending criteria

We offer commercial property loans and residential development finance solutions from £100k - £2.5million. We lend 100% development finance for build costs and up to 60% of land purchase.

Simple 6 point criteria

Lending Process

Our simple 5 step lending process is much faster than banks and other financiers.

Get the funds in your account in days not months. Start the process.

Lending Process Guide

Who We Lend To

We specialise in arranging fixed-rate finance options for first-time and experienced developers looking to build new homes, flats, commercial buildings to help grow their portfolio.

People & Businesses

Why developers choose Us

We are specialist lenders in the property industry. We lend our own funds.

We offer our clients speed and flexibility that are lacking with high street lenders.

250+ projects completed

Bridging loans

Our short term bridging loans give our clients quick access to funds of £100k up to £1 million. The streamlined application process is a fast, simple and hassle-free alternative to banks offering fixed rate finance.

Fast Bridging Loans


Do you know any developers in need of property loans for their current or next project?

Earn commission on successful referrals.

Intermediaries & Commissions


We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best funding options for them and their self build or part-build project.

Self-build finance is available to individuals on a 4-12 months repayment plan and non-mortgage basis, mixed-use and student accommodation always considered.

Self Builds finance


We are committed to providing our clients with the best financial product for them and their renovation or refurbishment project.

Whether that is an individual renovating a single house or barn or a large scale renovation project involving multiple buildings. Find out about self-build projects.

Renovations & Conversion

Apply for fast property development finance.

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Development finance rates and costs will vary from project to project depending on the scheme.

We are dedicated to providing quick development finance and the best interest rates to help you save money and receive funding exactly when you need it.



Our growing property development portfolio is made up a wide range of property projects, from new builds and refurbishments to apartment and flats.

We’ve helped first-time developers, landowners and property investors across in areas such as East Sussex, Surrey and London.



A professional surveyor will be sent out to accurately value your tract of land or property to assess the gross development value and growth.

The total you can borrow will be based on your GDV. Our past property projects all have loans from 100k to 1,000,000.



Keep up to date with the latest property market trends and the housing forecast predictions for 2020.


We'll be your trusted source for information concerning Brexit and beyond. Click here to see what the 2020 property market prediction looks like.



Never miss the latest property headlines or development finance news.

See up-to-date property news, which includes housing market trends, advice for buyers, sellers and landowners as well as government policy updates and regulations.



Analyse any rises or drops in property values and house prices in the London, Hampshire & Sussex areas to understand your local property market better.

This will help you to pinpoint prime addresses and areas where property prices are growing.



Buying a tract of land can certainly be an attractive investment, especially in cases where you can develop property on the site commercially.

Click below for the definitive guide to buying land, which will best advise you on everything from planning permission to research and purchase.



In this essential and complete guide we cover everything you need to about planning permission from when you need it to when you don’t.

Our experienced chartered surveyors supply their advice, which will explain how the entire process works and how you can apply and appeal.



First-time property developers taking on a property project can be quite nerve-racking – especially if they don’t know the development finance options available.

We’ve created this step by step guide that reveal the sources of finance for property development so that you can become a successful housing developer.



Start the loan process

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