How can you combat the rising house prices in London

What are the options if you’re not willing to move somewhere new? In a period characterised by austerity, exertion and an uncertain political-economic climate – the goal of homeownership often remains as an improbable dream for many people. This has been particularly true in London, where housing prices have become increasingly higher and increasingly out […]


Young people working towards homeownership

Young People Investing in Property Despite common perceptions – young people are still buying homes or working towards homeownership In the past 10 years, average housing prices have increased dramatically while wages have generally remained the same across the UK. This has lead to a common feeling of hopelessness amongst young people, as the likelihood […]


Labour’s pledge of 100,000 new houses a year will have a big impact on the property market

Labour to help create more homeowners The agenda is to borrow £75bn, which will be used to build new, affordable homes that will appeal to renters and first-time buyers in the private renting sector and instead encourage them to become homeowners. Elizabeth Reynolds, 27, is experiencing the same exact problem as millions of other Londoners; […]