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Securing Planning Permission and Building Approval

How Does Planning Permission Work?

Planning permission is needed when it comes to building properties. Counties that we operate in, such as Hampshire and West Sussex, have different regulations set by the local planning authority (LPA).

It is important to know that planning permission is associated with the land and before purchasing it, ensure that planning permission can be granted.

“Hunter Finance operates across the South-East of England, meaning we help provide property development loans for projects that fall under different council jurisdictions.”

When submitting a planning permission application, the local council should aim to respond to you within eight weeks.

When putting together your application, we strongly recommend including expert opinions from:

  • Builders
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Landscape Designer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Town Planner
  • Environmental Officer

Advice for a Successful Planning Permission Application

Before Hunter Finance offers property development loans, we need to understand key facts about your development plan. This can include what type of site you want to build on and the building plans you have in place.

Our own expert surveyor will also arrange a visit to the land to produce a development viability report.

When submitting your planning permission application, ensure that you have considered the following:

  • How waste storage and collection will be managed.
  • The materials you plan to use for the development.
  • How many cars the property is designed to accommodate.
  • The sewage and foul water system to be put in place.
  • Tree and hedges survey and the impact on the natural environment.
  • The biodiversity impacts your property development may have.

After you’ve obtained planning permission for your site, Hunter Finance will be able to work on a property development loan right for you. Our property development finance criteria’s are designed to ensure we can give you the right loan for your project.

Next Stage: Construction

Please note Hunter Finance only offer advice on planning permission and advises that all parties seek their own independent advice on individual planning applications. See Planning permission – GOV.UK.