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Planning Permission

Planning Applications: How to Get Approval

We are industry professionals who specialise in helping people to get financial support for their property developments.

But we also understand that the road to gaining planning permission can be challenging.

With so many planning applications being submitted every day, it can be a minefield to get yours noticed, let alone approved. We’ve outlined our top tips on how to get approval on your planning application.

Know your policy

Thoroughly researching policy surrounding property developing means applying for planning will be much easier. This is also crucial on a local level.

Start by looking at your local authority website for Building Control information.

There may be some restrictions on building locally as well as guidance on what to include in your application and designs.

You can also find previous planning applications on local authority websites to learn about the way in which policy has been applied.

Consider potential issues

All planning applications pose some potential issues, according to a planning officer.

These are often called material planning considerations. It is entirely up to your local planning authority how much weight should be given to each of these considerations.

Problems can include:

  • Noise or disturbance
  • Loss of trees
  • Effect on listed buildings or conservation areas
  • Overlooking and loss of privacy
  • Potential traffic increase

It is your responsibility to ensure that such areas have been covered in the planning application and that you have been upfront in regards to each issue.

Be sure to outline any potential problems which may arise and the ways in which they could be resolved.

Choose your language carefully

When writing your planning application, carefully consider your use of language.

By making your application easy to read for a planning officer, it is much more likely that your application will be well received.

If you’re new to property developing, it is wise to read previous planning applications to get a feel for the way language is used.

Get to know any neighbours that border the plot

One of the biggest mistakes when trying to get planning permission is not discussing your intentions with those around you.

Talk to any neighbours, planning officers, and the local council.

The more you keep everyone in the loop regarding your plans, the better they will be received.

After all, it will ultimately be up to them whether your planning application gets approved or not.

Introducing yourself and your plans to local people will also help when it comes to ironing out any issues to do with the application.

If you already have a good rapport with local people and the council, these issues can be resolved more quickly and efficiently.

Use the right maps

On every planning application, you will need a site plan and a location plan.

Use the maps available to download from your local council website to ensure you are using up to date and accurate maps.

When marking out your plot, be sure to draw around the entire plot (not just the building) in red, as other colours won’t be accepted.

We wish you the best of luck with your planning application. We are here to help with financing your current project, whether you’re building new homes or developing an existing building.

If you have any questions about securing planning permission, building approval or financing your development, get in touch today.

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