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Buying Land: Top 5 Tips

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Understanding How to Buy Land in the South-East of England

Researching and buying land is the first step in property developing. Although we operate in areas such as London, Hampshire and West-Sussex, buying land has the same principles.

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Hunter Finance covers fundamental tips that you should consider when researching and buying land.

1. Focus on areas with growth potential

Land price is greatly affected by its location. Land near the Elizabeth Crossrail line that goes through London and out into surrounding counties such as Berkshire has seen land prices drastically increase.

Always study potential developments in the area and how these can positively or sometimes negatively affect the future value of the land.

2. Browse through different land agents

Professional land agents operate across the South-East of England. They’re experts in identifying potential plots of land to buy and help the process of buying land.

Research land agents in the area and check their previous reviews and testimonials too. You can find out more about land agents and land auctions here.

Area guides for property development:

3. Research the current market

If you’re planning on buying a tract of land for the first time, we recommend that you research the current market first before focusing on a plot of land.

Land prices can vary greatly and you should be able to understand why. Hunter Finance can help provide you with the funds quickly and smoothly to purchase land, but also research other listings.

4. Planning Permission requirements

Planning permission is incredibly important for the progression of property development. When buying land, research and understand the potential the land has.

Has it already got planning permission? Is it viable for planning permission for the properties you want to build on?

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We previously helped developers in Essex who secured planning permission to demolish an old property and rebuild on it.

5. Survey the land properly

Every piece of land you’ll look at will most likely look exactly the same, but there are other factors that could affect the value of it in the future.

Before purchasing land, we always recommend you bring in a chartered surveyor to ensure the land isn’t at risk to factors such as flooding or overhead power lines.

If you’re interested in beginning a property development in the South-East of England, contact us today to find out more about how our loans can help you.

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