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Land Research & Purchase

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Land Research and Purchase Overview

Land research is incredibly important during the property development process. It’s the foundation of your project and with the more time and energy, you put into it, the increased likelihood that your project will be successful.

Hunter Finance has helped a wide range of property development projects, including properties built on the coast in West Sussex to affordable apartments built in the heart of Dunstable.

When researching the land you want to purchase, there are a wealth of factors you need to consider, such as:

  • How much would the architect plans & planning permission cost? And are there any legal matters involved with the land?
  • What advantages and disadvantages does the land have? Is it well-connected? Good access to services such as power and drainage?
  • What is the current house market value in the area? What did the previous properties in the area sell for? Hunter Finance provides funding for developments with higher housing values across London to rising ones in Essex.
  • Have you got the necessary budget in place to undertake this property development project and is there a reasonable profit to be made at the end?

What Areas Should I look For?

Land is the fundamental ingredient in the construction of new homes. Savills UK | The value of land

Hunter Finance offers its services across the South-East of England. The previous points mentioned are important, but also consider what the potential value of the properties once they’ve been completed. Factors to consider when purchasing land.

What external factors are there that could influence the market price?

“We’ve covered factors for you to consider when purchasing land in our blog right here. Always consider the future of the housing market.”

Research the predicted value of properties in the future and include these summaries and various prices when summarising your report into the land. How to purchase land?

If you’re looking to understand the property development process, find out more here. Alternatively, if you want to get in contact with us for a potential loan, click here for more information.

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