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Property Renovation

Renovate your property with Hunter Finance

Renovate Your Property with Hunter Finance

We offer a bespoke service finance service that property renovators and developers love.

Hunter Finance is private lenders with nearly a decade’s worth of experience in the property industry in the South East of England.

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“I have used Hunter Finance on a number of occasions. They have always provided a no-nonsense, hassle free, first class service.” Tim Oliver, Connected Developments Ltd.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best financial product for them and their renovation or refurbishment project whether that is an individual renovating a single house or barn or a large scale renovation project involving multiple buildings. Find out about self-build projects.

What is a property renovation?

A renovation involves altering and improving an existing structure including redesigning, remodelling and refurbishing. Renovations can vary dramatically in scale from minor building works to full renovations of derelict buildings like barns. The renovated property can be kept as a home by the owner or sold on completion – often for a healthy profit.

Hunter Finance is experts in the property market in the South East of England and can advise you on the profitability of your renovation plans. Click here to see if you qualify for finance.

What are your funding options for your renovation project?

If you are renovating your own property and intend to continue living there, a home renovation loan from a high street bank or a remortgage might be the best option for you. Hunter Finance provides specialist property loans for renovations, refurbishments and developments that will be sold on completion. Apply for a loan.

It is important to note that if the renovated building is intended for owner occupation, then it will be FCA regulated. If the finished property is to be sold after completion, then the project is not FCA regulated.

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We assess all applications on a case by case basis.

Hunter Finance supply development loans for residential properties which may be suitable for your renovation project. Click here to contact us for more information about our financial products.

Call us on 01825 749721 to talk about your building plans with our financial experts. We supply loans for all types of property renovation and development in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Oxfordshire and London.

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