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Where are Family Home-buyers Looking in London?


Key Areas in and around London are Attracting Family Homebuyers

The property market has continued to defy initial expectations that it would struggle. At Hunter Finance, we understand the importance of property development and how you should always begin to plan for future demand.

We take a look at four key areas that offer a range of benefits that are incredibly attractive to family homebuyers looking to settle down. These four areas are becoming increasingly popular for first-time and experienced property developers to begin their own projects.


Population: 45,132

Average Property Price: £522,382

Average £ per sq. ft.: £567

Surbiton is a great opportunity for property developers looking to capitalise on flat owners and small property owners in West London who are looking to upsize.

With fast train services to central London, 20 minutes to Waterloo, and access to a wealth of good schools, Surbiton is an ideal location for property developers looking to build larger detached or semi-detached family homes.

With an increase in properties sold for detached and semi-detached properties and an affordable opportunity to buy land in the area, Surbiton is a key location for family homebuyers and property developers. Read more here.


Population: 13,000

Average Property Price: £371,083

Average £ per sq. ft.: £431

A small town in Hertfordshire, Tring is the perfect family location as well as for property developers looking to build larger properties on affordable land.

Despite being around 32 miles away from central London, Tring boasts train services that get commuters to London Euston in just 35 minutes.

Unlike the other areas identified here, Tring is a quieter location that is the ideal for family homebuyers who are looking to upsize and escape the hectic city lifestyle. With the average price per square foot at around £431, Tring is a highly affordable area for property developers looking to build larger properties without paying London premium costs. Click here for more information.


Population: 31,465

Average Property Price: £464,124

Average £ per sq. ft.: £530

Identified as one of the up-and-coming areas in East London, Stratford has welcomed large investments in regeneration programmes.

Large developments such as Westfield Shopping Centre has begun a rapid price increase that looks set to mirror the same effects in and around Sheppard Bush.

Following the announcement of a number of regeneration developments, Stratford is quickly becoming a desirable place for family homeowners who are looking to upsize their current property whilst remaining in the capital. Read more.


Population: 16,000

Average Property Price: £634,633

Average £ per sq. ft.: £727

Sitting along London’s green belt that’s north of the capital, Totteridge is a well-developed area that attracts property developers looking to build luxury, larger homes for family homebuyers with a large budget.

Located within zone 4 of the London underground, Totteridge is well-connected to key stations across the capital.Totteridge is a highly affluential area that has access to some of the best schools in North London.

It is the perfect opportunity and area for experienced property developers to capitalise on the increase of semi-detached and detached homes being snapped up by homebuyers upsizing on their current property. Click for more information.

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