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How much can you borrow?

INTEREST RATES AND APRSMax loan we offer: 55% GDV, eg: GDV £1,000,000 = £550,000 (approx)

How much can a property developer borrow?Experts in South East England and London

Hunter Finance will lend on residential property developments located in the South East of England and London.

We have 9 years of experience, and specialist expertise in property values in this area.

To discuss your potential property development, contact Hunter Finance today.

How much can you borrow?

In short, the amount you can borrow in total is up to 55% of the proven Gross Development Value of the Finished Development.

We will use our qualified surveyors to conduct a Development Viability Report, which will give us an accurate value of the land/property and the GDV which we will base our lending on. View our step-by-step lending process.

Why choose Hunter Finance?

How GDV is calculated

The application process includes a development viability report completed by an independent surveyor. See our lending criteria.

The report is used to ascertain the value of the land and also the Gross Development Value or GDV when built upon.

The GDV is an estimation of how much the property or properties will be worth upon completion using an estimate of current UK housing prices. Click here for housing prices news.

We also take into consideration the cost of the build plus other costs such as architects, solicitors and project managers.

Find out more about our specialist commercial finance and loans for new build homes. See our rates.

Hunter Finance uses these figures to assess your loan application.INTEREST RATES AND APRS



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