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Hunter Finance Residential Property Loans

Residential Investment & Development Finance

We lend money on residential new builds, conversion or refurbishment projects in London and the South East of England.

The residential property market in the South East offers high levels of return on investment making it attractive for both experienced professionals and those new to developing.

Hunter Finance offers residential development finance to cover both land purchase and building costs. We also offer commercial developer finance for small and large scale property developers.

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Supporting Property Developers since 2010

We lend new and experienced property developers the funds they need to start and finish their residential property projects.

We also offer short-term bridging loans for projects to get started or that require additional capital.

Our expert team at Hunter Finance will support you from your application all the way through to the completion of your project.

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What is the best finance option for YOU?

The best residential property finance for you will depend on your project.

Project: Light refurbishment                                            

Refurbishment projects are generally focused on aesthetics rather than major construction. Refurbishment usually involves repairing things, decorating rooms and restoring a property to good condition.

Project: Renovation

Property renovation or re-modelling is more involved than a refurbishment and includes conversions, structural changes and the addition of extensions. Renovations could require moving internal walls, replacing plumbing and electrics, adding rooms and external walls.

Larger renovations will involve partial demolition and rebuilding.

Project: Ground-up developments and new builds

Ground-up developments usually start with either an empty plot of land or buildings that will be demolished to make way for the new build properties. These are the most intensive projects ranging from single houses and smaller housing projects to large multiple unit housing developments.

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