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What types of projects are commonly funded?

Commercial and residential bridging loans

Commonly funded projects

Property development finance can be used for a wide range of projects.

Most commonly, property development finance tends to be used for self-build (private-use), commercial property developments such as restaurants and shops and residential property development.

Hunter Finance can provide property development loans for commercial property and residential property projects.

Our property development loans can help experienced and new developers with their projects in popular areas such as London, West Sussex and Essex. Find out more about where we operate.

Residential Property Development Finance

Hunter Finance provides flexible development finance to developers operating in the South-East of England. Our loans have helped developers purchase land and construction properties such as:

If you have any further questions about a residential project you want to undertake and are interested in securing property development finance with us, contact us on 01825749721.

Commercial Property Development Finance

Hunter Finance does not provide property development finance for commercial units alone. We tend to provide loans on commercial properties that have planning permission to convert the unit into residential.

Our commercial property finance funding includes:

Since 2010, Hunter Finance has helped both experienced and new property developers with our development finance. Feel free to apply in principle to us. Alternatively, you can contact us with a question or call us on 01825749721.

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