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Our Top Tips for Becoming a Successful Property Developer

Property development can be a tricky game, but it’s a game we’ve mastered

Property development can be a tricky game, but it’s a game we’ve mastered

Experience is important, but Developers can still make Mistakes

Hunter Finance has been responsible for countless property developments in the South East of England. We’ve helped and worked with property developers, some new and some experienced. So it’s safe to say we know a few things about what makes a good developer and what makes a great one!

“It’s always important to learn from your own experience and mistakes, you don’t need qualifications to become a property developer, you just need the willingness to grow and learn.” Robert Raymond, Managing Director


Here are our three top tips for becoming a successful property developer.

1) Plan Ahead

We cannot underestimate how important planning is for property development. Make plans for every step of the way. Make plans for making plans. It’s vital in making sure you have a clear picture and oversight of the entire project you are undertaking.

Great property developers outline every fine detail of whatever project they’re about to undertake. They’re aware of where the money is being spent and when deadlines should be met. Make sure you’re prepared to stay on top of things; it really does go a long way in forging your property career and portfolio.


2) Research, Research, Research

There’s countless of land up for grabs every single day. But if you want to maximise your profits, you need to be fully aware of the area, all the way to the current market trends. Research everything about the area you’re interested in investing in.

“What are the transport links like? Are the schools respectable? What bread do they sell at the local corner shop?”

Understanding the area you want to build in will give you a better understanding of what potential buyers want from your properties. We have experience in building properties in Hertfordshire to West Sussex. Each property has its own unique benefits, be aware of yours.


3) Be Honest and Reap the Benefits

In this type of industry, your reputation as a property developer can be fundamental in becoming successful. If you remain honest and transparent with your decisions, you’ll be surprised by the contact list you can build.

“Property developers deal with a lot of people. From bricklayers to roofers, it’s important to maintain a good relationship with everyone during each process of your project.”

At Hunter Finance, we’re proud of the feedback and testimonials we get because of how we operate. Honesty and transparency can go a long way in this industry, so keep it in mind when starting out.

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