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What is a Property Developer?

Find out about what a property developer is

5 steps to be the most successful property developer in the UK

Do you want to build houses that sell for £1,000,000 plus?

There is lots of advice out there, however Hunter Finance not only provides property loans, but we also develop and invest in our own property portfolio. We have access to up to date land and property prices across the South East.

The RDAS developer forumThe RDAS (residential association agents society) is a platform for developers involved in residential developments to share ideas. Visit their website here.

1. Select the right projects

A property developer is an individual or company that renovates and/or builds houses to selling or rent out for profit. See more information.

There are many ways to make money in property and many different investment strategies you could follow.

A successful property developer will be able to select the right projects to make money. This involves finding land or properties to renovate at a good price and then managing the building work to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

The final stage is to rent out or sell the finished properties at a profit.

The property development industry has become increasingly popular, especially in the South East of England as house prices are consistently growing. Property is a solid investment and when developments are managed properly, can be immensely profitable.

2. Get the right funding

Hunter Finance lends to first time developers and experienced developers in London and the South East. Find out how to get development finance.

Hunter Finance is a private lender offering a range of short term, flexible finance options to businesses and individuals in the property development industry. We have a proven track record having funded over 250 developments in the last ten years.

Our experience in property development in London, Kent and Essex has enabled us to deliver a market leading service to our satisfied clients.

“I have used Hunter Finance on a number of occasions. They have always provided a no-nonsense, hassle free, first class service.” Tim, Connected Developments Ltd. See Google reviews.

3. Aim for high profitability

We use our years of experiences in the finance industry and local knowledge of the South East housing market to assess the profitability of your development project and offer you one of our fast and flexible property loans.

We know that opportunities need to be seized quickly so we give a decision in principle within 48 hours: no waiting around for months on end.

Hunter Finance is ready to take your call: telephone 01825 749721 to talk about your finance application or click here to apply online.

4. Take considered risks


  • Property in the South East is a very stable investment
  • The great long term investment
  • The Capital Gains Tax are now just 18%


  • Property has a high entry cost
  • Markets can change unexpectedly
  • You need to keep to strict budgets to make a profit

5. Gain the right financial partner to move to bigger better things

  • Write a property development business plan – see our guide
  • Calculate your profit margin and return-on-investment
  • Choose a location in the South East: we cover London, Kent, Surrey, Essex and more
  • Negotiate a good price for the land/properties
  • Study the housing market trends in the area
  • Tailor your developments to suit your potential buyers
  • Apply for property development finance from Hunter Finance

Take a look at our six easy steps to property development.

Looking for more tips to get started? Want to make your property development projects a success? Check out these tips to avoid the 10 worst mistakes made by amateur developers.

Or read Hunter’s top tips to being a successful developer.





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