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Part 4: What does our application process involve?

Find out about what a property developer is

Quick and transparent Development Finance for your project

Since 2010, Hunter Finance has helped provide development finance to property developers for their projects across the South-East of England.

Our clear and simple development finance and loans have helped fund property developments for experienced and new developers.

We have built our reputation on delivering fast development loans to a range of developers, including first-time developers, builders and construction companies, and large commercial housing businesses.

If you’re planning on undergoing a property project in popular counties such as Surrey, Bedfordshire or Hampshire, Hunter Finance is here to help you.

Property Development Finance Application Checklist

Before applying in principle, you should have all the necessary figures and documents ready for us to review when we discuss your application further. Read more on the property development process.

It’s fundamentally important to have the necessary documents ready for us so we can process your application and provide you with your development finance.

What information do I need in my loan application for development finance?

  • The Purchase price of the desired land and/or any existing buildings
  • The total build cost which includes all supplies and labour
  • The projected value of the development upon completion (GDV)
  • A contingency plan that covers potential setbacks and solutions
  • Clear timescales (including expected or possible contingencies)
  • Further details of your experience in Property Development or relevant experience
  • Breakdown of your professional teams such as builders, architects and planners.
  • Planning permission documents (including restrictions) and building regulations

We have extensive knowledge of the housing market in South-East England. Because of our expertise in development finance, we’re able to fully assess the profitability of your building project and design a flexible development finance package. Find out more.

If you’re planning on a property development project and require the necessary finance, contact us on 01825749721. Alternatively, you can submit an online request and we’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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