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Self-Build Property Projects

Due to being an unregulated lender, we cannot provide finance for self-build projects i.e. if the developer lives in the unit once complete.

If your purpose is to sell the property on completion without any time living in the new build then perhaps we can help you with finance or if not point you in the right direction. Call 01825 749721.

Established in 2010, we have been supplying property finance to clients for over eight years.

Hunter Finance is independent lenders with special expertise in the property industry.

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We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best funding option for them and their project whether that is an individual self-building a home or a large commercial company building multiple houses.

“Highly impressed by their honest approach to doing business, and following through on their promises.” – Thomas Elliot, Herongate Homes Ltd

What is a self-build property development?

A self-build project is when an individual builds a new property themselves, usually with the intention to live in it when finished. Self-building is becoming more and more popular in the UK with more than 13,000 people choosing to build their own homes every year. Find out about renovation loans.

According to this 2016 survey, the top two reasons for people self-building are:

  • To design and build a personalised home
  • To develop a one-off property to sell on

What are your finance options for a self-build project?

The most common funding option for a self-build project is a personal mortgage to be paid off over a number of years in accordance with FCA regulations.

This is the best option for those intending to live in the finished property.

Hunter Finance does not offer any type of mortgage.

However, we do offer a range of short to medium term development loans for property which may be suitable for you.

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Are you looking to finance your self-build project? We can help you

We assess all applications on a case by case basis.

Call us on 01825 749721 to talk about your building plans with our financial experts. We supply loans for all types of property renovation and development in London, Surrey, Hampshire, and surrounding counties.

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