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With Hunter Finance, our development finance is designed by property finance specialists.

Our core business is property development loans which are why we’re committed to providing you with the necessary funds as soon as possible.

“I knew that as an independent company, we were in a great position to quickly assess risk and then respond rapidly, providing excellent customer service with all the bureaucracy stripped away.” Bill Hunter, Company Founder.

We’re always excited to help provide enthusiastic property developers with our development finance for new projects across counties such as Kent, Berkshire and London.

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Simple development finance without any hidden fees

Once our development finance has been accepted, our surveyor will conduct a visit to the site and produce a development viability report.

This independent report will also go through your financial plan too. Find out more.

After the surveyor report has been completed and both parties agree to the development finance package, it’ll go through the legal process.

When the finance package passes through the legal process, our funds will begin to be passed onto you.

During the property development stage, your finance will be broken down into sums and passed onto you during each stage.

Throughout the process, our surveyor will continue to re-inspect the progress of your project.

For example, if we covered 100% of the build costs with a sum of £500,000, we might offer it in five stages.

This ensures financial security for both parties.

If we offered the loan in one, the interest would be far greater for you to pay since it would be for the entire loan.

For more information about our property development finance, contact us on 01825749721.

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