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Hunter Finance offers commercial property loans in the South East

Flexible rates based on your property development project

Hunter Finance is a specialist private lender that offers affordable development finance for your project.

With our interest rates, it’s important to know that our development finance funds are our own, meaning we have no set rates for our property development loans.

With immediate funds that can be available to you in just 10 working days, Hunter Finance is able to tailor development finance without a prolonged process. We want to help get your project moving as quickly as possible.

We base our interest rates on a number of factors that allow us to offer affordable interest rates for your property development. Our interest rates for your development finance are dependent on:

  • The amount of funding required from us.
  • The Credit rating of individuals/company involved.
  • Security offered.
  • The term and length of the build time.
  • The value of property development (GDV).
  • The experience of the property developer

All our loan applications are assessed individually and will offer interests based on these factors. You can call us at 01825749721.

A private lender that specialises in Property Development

 Unlike high-street banks or other financial lenders, Hunter Finance specialises and focuses solely on development finance.

We understand the complexity of property development, which is why we do not require our interest payments to be paid monthly, which is common for other lenders. Find out more.

“My experience of working with Hunters has been very successful. Their approach is very professional and flexible. They are not like a high street bank, (thank goodness) but individuals who accept that we are the customer. Very reliable. Old fashioned values.” Keith Parker, Millhomes Ltd.

Hunter Finance is here to provide you with flexible development finance designed to be quick and easy for your property development. Call us on 01825749721 for more information or send us an enquiry. We aim to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours during weekdays.

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