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How Does it work

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How does it work

Has the bank refused your loan? Or are you just unsure who to turn to for funding? Hunter Finance is here to provide a solution for you.

We are a private lender based in Uckfield, Sussex. You can apply for funding and borrow up to 55% of the GDV of your property development between £100k – £2.5m‎, work with us for fast and hassle-free development funding.

What is property finance?

Funding options include:

Get in contact to find out if you are an eligible candidate for a loan.

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How does development finance work?

Our team will assess the value of the property and/or land you’re building on (GDV) and use this figure to calculate how much you can borrow.

We consider a variety of applications from straightforward to complex cases. We take into consideration several factors including the experience of the developer, the proposed development etc.

To apply for development finance, we will ask you to submit an application that includes information including the cost of the development, professional fees, planning permissions and building timescales. See our checklist for more details.

Funding will be released in pre-agreed stages, you can find more details on how our loans are structured here.

See: Best areas to build in.

Pros and cons of taking out property development loans

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages in financing your property development project.

Although each development is different, below are some of the major arguments for and against taking out a property development loan.


  • Development finance allows you to take on larger projects that you may not be able to afford on your own
  • You retain capital so could potentially take on additional projects with the money saved
  • Your return on investment will be greatly increased – you can reduce the cash outlay required dramatically and the cost of finance will only have a small effect on the total profit
  • You are risking less of your own money – though the desired outcome when entering a development project is obviously that the project does well, but if it happens to fail,  you will be limiting your cash exposure if the scheme is financed


  • Although we can offer a percentage of cash to fund your development, there will be a percentage left for you to acquire funds yourself
  • The lender will want to visit the site throughout the build – in order to approve the staged drawdowns, the lender will need to send their monitoring surveyor out to visit the property throughout the build

Why choose us?

Hunter Finance is an established private lender offering a range of loans for the purpose of buying land and/or existing properties for development.

We provide short term bridging loans and development finance of up to £2.5 million over a period of 1-year maximum.

Our experience in property development in London, Kent, Surrey, Oxfordshire and Essex has enabled us to deliver a market-leading service to our clients.

We are experts in the field and strive to help our clients achieve their property goals:

“The best development finance around, very understanding and helpful.” P.Reeve. See more reviews.

We supply flexible short term finance to property developers in London and the South East. Click here for information on bridging loans.

We accept applications from builders and construction companies, small and large scale development businesses and individual developers. Find out more.

We have supported hundreds of developers since 2010

We want to help you secure that elusive property loan that is both flexible and affordable.

By working with Hunter Finance, you get to talk directly with the decision makers. There are: no middlemen, no brokers, no time-wasting.

We use our expert knowledge of builder finance to assess the profitability of your scheme as well as advising you on how to maximise the use of your capital.

So, what next?

Not sure if your building project is eligible for development finance from Hunter? Contact our lending team today to discuss how we can help you get your development off the ground.

Call us on 01825 749721 to talk about your house building project or get in touch here.

Apply for a loan with Hunter Finance

If we can help we will say so, if we can’t we will be able to point you in the right direction or suggest alternative financial vehicles.


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