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Housing Projects completed with finance of over £1,000,000

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Completed properties we’ve helped finance >£1m

Hunter Finance lends to both large, commercial enterprises as well as smaller, residential projects.

The areas we cover such as London and Sussex are prime spots for successful commercial developments.

“My experience of working with Hunters has been very successful. Their approach is very professional and flexible. They are not like a high street bank,  but individuals who accept that we are the customer.” – Keith Parker, Millhomes Ltd

We’ve helped complete countless projects with our top-end loans that have brought success to our developers.

1. Amherst Road, Hastings development

Hastings development financed by Hunter Finance

3x 4-bedroom detached houses | £680,000 to cover building costs

Long-term customer and a local developer approached Hunter Finance to help finance what would be their sixth project with us.

We sent funds in drawdown stages at the developer’s request to match up with the projects build schedule and cash flow.

Once the construction of the development was completed, the developer refinanced the development loan to retain the properties for his buy to let portfolio.

The final gross development value of the property was £1,500,000.

2. The Avenue, Eastbourne development

Eastbourne development finaced by Hunter Finance

11 apartments | £1,200,000 to cover building costs

Award-winning Eastbourne-based developers, Five Walk Homes had planning permission to build 11 apartments in East Sussex.

In this case, Hunter Finance sent funds in drawdown stages at the developer’s request throughout the project – click here to understand better how our property loans work

The developer ended up selling a number of the apartments on and retained the rest to add to their buy to let portfolio.

The final gross development value of the development was £2,800,000.

3. Bethersden, Kent development

Kent development financed by Hunter Finance

5 detached properties | Just under £1,000,000 to cover building costs

Kent developers want to build a cul-de-sac of large luxury detached properties within a prime development location.

The developers already owned the site and had full planning permission for their project.

Each property was to be a luxury 5-bedroom home featuring large fireplaces and open plan living areas.

With just under £1,000,000 to cover the costs of the build, our clients needed to secure the funds quickly to not delay their project any further.

After only four months of construction, the development already secured a sale of one of the units. The final gross development value was £2,100,000.

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