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Completed properties from £100k+ loans 

As independent lenders, we can make quick decisions and provide development loans with no hidden costs or broker fees.

Hunter Finance lends to both small and large businesses

As a private lender, we have funded numerous projects from commercial to residential in the London, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire area.

Many of the properties that we have helped develop have gone on to sell very quickly.

That’s why most clients come to us rather than mainstream lenders and High Street banks to get the best property developing finance options and interest rates.

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Here are the most successful properties we’ve helped fund under a million pounds…

1. Bosham development

Bosham development financed by Hunter Finance

4 bedroom detached property | £532,000 loan

Prime development land can yield large profits from investment so acting fast is critical, especially concerning property within 10 miles of Chichester.

Property in this area is in high-demand with house prices growing 10% annually. With this in mind, the developer was keen to secure the site.

We were able to provide an initial £202,000 loan – including a funds guarantee to the seller – which enabled the developer to make the purchase.

The build cost for the development was £330,000.

Hunter Finance distributed the development funds in multiple drawdowns over 12 months.

This increased the total loan of the real estate development to £532,000.

Our quick draw downs enabled the housing developer to progress with construction quickly and this was achieved within 12 months.

The sale of the building project had also been agreed before final construction was completed.

The 4 bedrooms detached house sold for £995,000, meeting the predicted GDV.

2. Eastbourne development

Eastbourne development financed by Hunter Finance

4 apartments | £515,000 loan

These award-winning Eastbourne-based real estate developers contacted us regarding a loan they required to begin building.

The clients wanted to create four high-class apartments in East Sussex.

The development consisted of an apartment on each floor, with the ground floor property benefitting from a private garden.

In total, the property required a debt loan of £515,000.

Early reservations for the house were accepted and all four-floor apartments were sold before construction was even finished.

The final GDV was £1,250,000.

3. Dunstable, Bedfordshire development

Bedfordshire development financed by Hunter Finance

4x 1 bedroom properties, 4x 2 bedroom properties | £350,000 loan

Hunter Finance helped to finance the conversion and extension of an existing building into eight apartments.

After providing the developer with a £350,000 loan to cover the cost of the build the clients were able to commence the work without any delay.

It took seven months from the initial loan to the build completion for the properties to hit the market.

The final gross development value was £940,000.

4. Dulwich, London development

London development financed by Hunter Finance

3 bedroom terrace properties | £680,000 loan

The housing developers came to us after being rejected and turned away by the banks.

After planning permission had been granted, the first-time developers in Dulwich wished to develop a family-run garage into a commercial site in the borough of Southwark.

Hunter Finance assessed the project with the help of our highly experienced team, who were able to make the construction a reality.

The developers agreed on a loan of £680,000 for the entire project.

Within one year, construction was completed and the properties sold.

The gross development value was £2,235,000 with the loan-to-value ratio never exceeding 33%.

5. Wittering, Chichester development

Chichester development financed by Hunter Finance

3x four-bedroom terraced houses; 1x 3 bedroom terraced house | £877,500 loan

Returning clients from West Sussex had purchased an old chalet bungalow close to the beach intending to replace it with terraced houses.

After planning permission for the project had been approved the client came straight to Hunter Finance for fast development funding options.

At the time, the developer had many other projects on the go and needed to secure a loan with minimum hassle or delays, which made our 5 step lending process applicable.

Aware of the time restraints on our client we were able to send a surveyor to the site quickly, who confirmed a loan of £877,500.

All initial funds were drawn down quickly to ensure the progression of the development. Click here to see how much you can borrow.

The final gross development value was £1,500,000.

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