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Guide to Property Development Finance

Here's how you can get property development finance from Hunter Finance

Property Development Finance Process

Step-By-Step Guide

An Insight into How Property Development Finance Works

At Hunter Finance, we’re a private lender that specialises in property development finance and loans from £100k to £2.5m. Since 2010, our property development loans have helped both experienced property developers and those beginning their career in the industry.

“I knew that as an independent company, we were in a great position to quickly assess risk and then respond rapidly, providing excellent customer service with all the bureaucracy stripped away.” Bill Hunter, Company Founder. 

Like any other business venture, property development can be a risk, but our development finance guide is here to provide you with the information you need. We also have a property development guide that covers questions during the process of buying land.

Part 1: What is development finance?

Development finance is highly beneficial in a number of ways during the property development process. This option offers a solution for cash-flow problems and provides you with extra funding to purchase land or cover construction costs,  Read more.

Part 2: What types of projects are commonly funded?

Hunter Finance has helped a number of different property projects across South-East England. Property development finance is commonly used for; commercial property development, self-build development and residential property development.

Hunter Finance focuses on residential property and commercial property development. You can find out more here.

Part 3: Why choose Hunter Finance?

There has been a sharp increase in the number of private property development lenders in the last few years. Unlike banks, Hunter Finance can respond to your application within 24 business hours and can arrange a site meeting within 48 hours.

You can apply in principle here. Alternatively, you can read more about the benefits of using a private lender for your property development.

Part 4: What does our application process involve?

At Hunter Finance, we design and offer the development loans that we believe is best suited for your project. The application process involves us familiarising ourselves with and fully understanding the site for the proposed development, the project plans and your financials.

With hundreds of property developments financed in South-East England, we can help give you a suitable loan. Read more.

Part 5: When will I receive the funding for my project?

Once we’re satisfied with your application process, Hunter Finance will produce an ‘Offer in Principle’. This will set out the terms and conditions of the loan and any other relevant information. Our surveyor will visit the site and we’ll put the offer through a legal process.

We can typically provide our property development funding in 10 working days, but this can vary depending on the project. Find out more here. If you have any further questions, contact us on 01825749721.

Part 6: How do I repay a development loan?

Hunter Finance creates a development loan that is best suited to you. We tend to offer repayment terms over a short period of time. Repayments are primarily based on your property development project.

Repayments to your development loan can include the sale of each unit/property. Read more.

Part 7: How much interest will I have to pay?

Hunter Finance provides development loans for projects with our own funds. This allows us to provide flexible interest rates on a deal by deal basis.

We offer competitive rates for all our property development loans. Our interests rates tend to range between 8-18% per annum. Find out more about our interest rates.

Part 8: Case studies

Since 2010, Hunter Finance has provided property development loans and finance to a wealth of projects across South-East England. Our funding has enabled developers to complete projects in desirable areas such as West Sussex and Hampshire.

Our property development loans have been highly beneficial to experienced and new property developers. We’re proud of the testimonials that we receive from developers. Browse through our case studies today.

For more information about our property finance services, contact us today or call us on 01825749721.

Lets Get Started: What is Development Finance?

Get in touch with Hunter Finance to discover your property development finance options

How to fund your development project with Hunter Finance

Applying for finance is simple and hassle free:

  • Apply online here or call 01825 749721 to talk to our helpful and friendly team at Hunter Finance about your building project.
  • Get a decision in principle within 48 hours. Our decision makers will be on site to assess your development and talk to you about the loans we offer.
  • Agree on the loan amount and terms as well as how the money will be released.
  • You will receive the money in your account in a matter of weeks: our quickest turnaround was 10 days from application to the loan is received.

See: Our step-by-step guide to Property Development.





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