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We lend to Property Developers large and small

We lend to a range of property developers large and small

Large and small Property Developers 

Hunter Finance specialises in lending to property developers in the South East.

We finance a wide range of projects from single or multiple units to large scale housing projects.

Depending on the size and scale of your development we will financially commit to between £500,000 and £1,000,000. 

We are private lenders and so all the decision making is done by our experienced in-house team.

This allows us to make a rapid assessment of your funding application and transfer the money to successful applicants in the shortest possible time.

The team at Hunter Finance develop a couple of properties a year so we respect and understand the hard work and dedication involved in seeing a project through to completion.

We provide a full fee breakdown – no hidden charges

We aim to keep our loan fees transparent. We don’t inflate our surveyor or legal fees; we pass these services on at cost price.

We will always provide you with a full and comprehensive breakdown of the fees associated with your property’s development loan.

No Broker Fees

As we are a private lender, we only lend our own money.

This means that there are no agents fees for you to pay, potentially saving you over £10,000 in broker’s fees.

We are a Specialist Lender

Hunter Finance charges competitive interest rates of around 8-18% per annum.

Our standard exit fees are charged at 1.0% – 1.5% of the total gross loan amount. These fees are rolled up into the loan.

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Before we can lend to a Developer on a project, we need to know more about the development and the type of finance that is required.

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“We have found securing a competitive facility with Hunter Finance a refreshingly straightforward…” Rob Burnham  Read more

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