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The Surrey barn conversion that broke sale records

Farm-Conversion projected financed by our loans 2017

Development Finance Loans for Residentinal Conversions

Surrey is a prime development area.

This is because it has close travel links into London and is close to the best independent schools.

The contractors had acquired an old farming property located in Hobbs Farm, Surrey.

However, the residential dwelling needed a lot of construction work that needed to be split into two phases.

The idea was to convert the original three Grade II listed barns and develop them into three new build properties.

The second part to the development project was to convert a second, separate Grade II listed outhouse into one, huge property.

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The development loan

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For both development projects and phases to be completed, the buyer needed funds to finance the new build development.

Hunter Finance, in this case, provided a property development loan of £1,200,000 to cover all the building costs associated with the new build construction and conversions of the four properties.

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Impressive and profitable results

Each of the three properties that were converted from old barns sold very, very quickly. All of the new builds had either sold on or above their asking prices. For our tips on how to become a successful property developer, click here.

The final conversion, which had been completed last also sold very fast.

This took their grand gross development value to an astounding £2,400,000.

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Deciding if development is right for you can be a difficult choice. And more often than not, individuals who own a piece of land quickly sell it on to developers without knowing their options.

Yes, the land is valuable, but you can yield larger profits if you develop a site yourself.

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Our loan decisions only take up to 48 hours and save our clients time and money.

For any further advice about planning consent, buying or selling land, or building developments in Surrey visit Surrey County Council – Land, planning and development.

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