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Loans of £100K to £500K

We lend to private individuals

Loans of £100K to £500K

Hunter Finance Offers:

We Are Development Finance Specialists

We provide financing to private individuals across South East England.

Whether you are looking to develop existing properties into buy-to-let properties or build a brand new multi-property estate, we can loan you the funds you need.

For private individuals, we will lend between £100k and £500k. You can borrow up to 55% of the GDV of your development.

See how we calculate the GDV.

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Over 150 developers have chosen Hunter Finance over the last 7 years. We like to keep in touch with our clients and see the finished results.

One private individual in Surrey borrowed £420,000 to cover 100% of the build costs of developing a 3/4 bedroom detached property in a garden plot.

Our experience in the property development industry told us that this house would be very attractive to buyers and so we were happy to financially support the project.

Our Loan Fees Include:

  • Valuation Fees
  • Legal Fees
  • Arrangement Fee
  • Interest
  • Exit fees

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Call 01825 749721 for a decision in principle within hours



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