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What sort of rates can you expect to pay?

Hunter Finance help first-time developers get into the build to sell market

Interest Rates for 2021

  • No hidden fees | No middlemen | No brokers

Hunter Finance offers some of the most competitive rates on the market.

Not sure if you are eligible for finance?

We fund simple and complex developments from converting a single property to developers looking to develop multi-property estates.

We offer attractive rates for our residential property finance and commercial property loans that include serviced or rolled-up options available.

Call us on 01825 749721 and we can discuss your project in more detail.

Loan sizes & terms

  1. Our business loans cover a wide range of development projects from conversions to new builds, minimum loans size start from £100k.
  2. The maximum loan we offer is £2.5 million.
  3. Typically designed to be short-term loans, we will provide you with 100% of building costs and up to 60% of the GDV for your project to be completed within a 12 month period.
  4. Loans, in this case, are generally repaid through the sale of the property once completed.

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Interest will be charged and rolled into the loan.As we lend our own funds, there are no set rates for our property developing loans.

Interest rates set on a deal by deal basis – please talk to us to find out more.

We constantly check what rates are being offered by our competitors and look to rate match when possible so our customers can be confident that they are getting a great deal.

As a professional private lender, Hunter Finance will normally charge interest rates of between 6-12% per annum.

Interest fees are calculated on the risk profile of the development, the length of borrowing and the overall security offered.

How are interest rates calculated?

What interest rates can you expect to pay? All loan applications are assessed individually and interest rates will be determined according to the following:

  • The value of the property development (GDV)
  • The experience of the developer or builder
  • The term and length of build time
  • The security offered / client monies invested
  • The amount of funding required.
  • The credit rating of individuals/companies

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Interest on a property finance loan

Interest will be charged and rolled into the loan. We do not require our interest payments to be serviced monthly, unlike other lenders, it is simply paid upon the exit of the loan, whether it be a sale or refinance.

Our clients have found that this is a beneficial arrangement as more cash is available during the critical construction period. Read our testimonials for more recommendations.

“My experience of working with Hunters has been very successful. Their approach is very professional and flexible. They are not like a high street bank, (thank goodness)” Keith Parker, Millhomes Ltd

Want to know more?

If we can help you get the best rate on a loan we will say so, if we can’t we will be able to point you in the right direction or suggest alternative financial vehicles.


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