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Hunter Property development finance fees

Saving clients an average of £10,000 in broker fees

There are several additional costs and fees to consider when submitting a financial application to Hunter Finance. Apply online today.

We try to keep these as low as possible and in line with other lenders to give our customers the best value for money possible.

No hidden costs

There are NO broker’s fees as Hunter Finance only lends from their own investment fund.

This will save you on average 2-3% of the loan value or £20,000 on a £1million property loan. See how much you could borrow.

This is one of the reasons why over 150 developers have chosen Hunter Finance over the last 9 years and have recommended our financial services to others. Click here to see testimonials.

The fees involved are:

  • Valuation fees & legal fees
  • Arrangement fee & loan interest

Upfront Fees Include:

Valuation Fees

A development viability report will be completed by our surveyor. We don’t make a profit on these reports – The fee is paid directly to our surveyor. This is all a part of our lending process.

This gives us a Gross Development Value or GDV which we base the amount we can lend. (Typically 60%). A GDV is an accurate estimation of the value of the properties on completion.

Legal Fees

Our solicitors charge a fee (depending on the loan size) for providing the legal services necessary to set up your loan. The fee includes VAT and all other costs.

These fees are often lower than other lenders as we already draft contracts in place as we only lend to construction projects.

The surveyor and legal fees are the only fees payable upfront with our property development loans.

These fees are paid directly to our respective professional teams.

Arrangement Fee

The normal arrangement fee is calculated at 1 – 1.5% of the net loan amount.


As a specialist lender, Hunter Finance charge interest rates of around 8-18% per annum.

Exit fees

Our normal exit fees are charged at 1.0% – 1.5% of the total gross loan amount. Click here for more information. These fees are rolled into the loan and paid upon redemption. There can be additional fees for architects, quantity surveyors, solicitors and project managers which you will need to consider when applying for finance.

We will always provide you with a full and comprehensive breakdown of the fees that apply to your project.

Hunter Finance can provide you with a loan agreement for your development project in just 48 hours. Call us on 01825 749721.

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