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What to do when the Bank says No

What to do when the Bank says No

A Minor Setback can lead to Great Opportunity

Property development can be a hard project to get underway without the necessary funding needed to cover costs. In the last few years, banks have continued to grow reluctant to lend to property developers in the South-East region of England.

“It seemed crazy that viable developments were being turned down by the big banks.” Bill Hunter, company founder.

It’s becoming more common for banks to turn down your application for a property loan because of the stricter requirements they enforce and they increasingly difficult criteria’s they expect property developers to reach.


Banks are saying no. So what can you do when you’re rejected for a loan?

Bank Loans and Investment can be Time-Consuming

Property development loans can range from as little to ten thousands of pounds all the way up to a million. Regardless of the loan, you’re seeking, banks are usually reluctant to provide you with the necessary funding you need.

“We have successfully come to the end of a development of 3 new build houses, and Hunter Finance has been with us all the way. It was a much-delayed start, but with them having done their due diligence at the outset, their support in getting it off the ground was never in doubt (whereas a Bank would doubtless have had changes of policy and personnel during that time).” Peter Champion

Unlike high-street banks, we are fully focused and understand the workings of property lending. Our loans are designed and tailored specifically for your needs.


Flexible Loans Designed for You

If a bank has rejected your proposal, it doesn’t necessarily mean your property development project is over. Hunter Finance specialises in providing immediate funds to developers, ensuring they can maintain positive cash flow during development.

“As an independent company, we were in a great position to quickly assess risk and then respond rapidly, providing excellent customer service with all the bureaucracy stripped away.” Bill Hunter, company founder.

Unlike banks, Hunter Finance is capable of assessing your application within 24 business hours and can arrange a site meeting within 48 hours.

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