Development Finance in High Demand

Development Finance enquiries showing no signs of slowing

September saw a record number of new development finance enquiries at the Hunter Finance office. Our website also had the highest number of unique visitors for the year, last month. July and August was a slower period, mainly due to the school summer break, with many families taking their annual holidays.

Developers have been knocking on our door, seeking development finance, as many are keen to get their projects started before the turn of the year. At Hunter Finance, we want to help small to medium developers build ‘normal houses for normal people’ so more of us are able to get on the housing ladder.

We have broken down this month’s development finance enquiries into two sections; The development type and location of the project.

Development Type

As is the very nature of property development, each project is different. September was no exception with a wide range of development schemes hitting our desk over the last month, all looking for development finance.

Development Location

As we are based in Sussex, there are no surprises here. The majority of development finance enquiries came from the local home counties. Our marketing team do their very best to ensure we target our specialist area of London and the South East of England.

We are optimistic that the month’s leading up to Christmas will be just as busy, with many developers keen to get their projects up and running before 2018.

If you have a property development project and are seeking development finance, please contact us here to see if we can help you.