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Meet The Team


Company Director and Founder
Bill Hunter founded Hunter Finance in 2010, on the premise that there was a very obvious gap in the market, where legitimate, viable business proposals from multi-property developers were being rejected by banks.

Bill found success with his computer networks company, which placed a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. In 2008, Bill sold the company to a billion-pound corporation for an eight-figure sum, which allowed him to place part of his own fortune into funding Hunter Finance.

This unique situation allowed Bill to lend his own wealth to developers throughout the south-east. By lending his own money, it has made it quicker and easier for our developers to arrange loans for properties. This unique approach has always been the main factor behind the success of Hunter Finance. Since 2010 Hunter has financed hundreds of development.


Managing Director
Robert Raymond is a graduate of Brunel University in London. He joined Hunter Finance fresh from completing his degree and was looking to develop his interest within the property industry.

Over the six years that he has been at Hunter Finance, Rob managed to become a respected decision maker alongside Mr Hunter. His vast knowledge and experience of property development have enabled him to become a crucial part of the lending process. His own drive has also enabled him to spearhead his own successful development projects throughout the South East of England.

What Rob has to say:

“My own experience has enabled me to work closely with the developers that Hunter Finance lend to. I understand how the development process works from the developer’s point of view. I’ve been there. Hassle free financing is unbelievably important to any project, it allows the focus to be shifted towards construction and quality. That’s why we want to continue to offer seamless development finance options, developers have enough to worry about, offering them the peace of mind of secure finance is important to me.”


Lending Director
James Bougon graduated from University in Southampton. He joined the investment team at Hunter Finance in 2013. His employment became a crucial cog in Hunter Finance’s continued success. Requests for development finance for domestic and commercial properties had grown at a rate that required an expansion of the Hunter Finance team. Up until James’ employment, Mr Hunter and Mr Raymond had dealt with all of the loan applications. James enabled Hunter Finance to continue to grow its business while remaining true to the core ethos of the company, which is excellent customer satisfaction and transparency.


Investment Manager
Michael Hopkins joined the Hunter Finance Investment team in 2014. Mike works alongside James within the Investment team, handling an increasing number of inquiries for development finances. His employment came as part of an important process that allows Hunter Finance to continue to offer fast development finance while being able to handle the increased inflow of new deals. He also works with Sam to create and run multiple marketing campaigns.

Sam Crossfield

Marketing Consultant
Sam Crossfield joined Hunter Finance in 2015. He works with Michael in the marketing team, focusing on lead generation through digital and traditional methods. He also creates content for the website and social media. Sam’s experience from previous roles has made Hunter Finance’s marketing campaigns more effective and efficient.