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Secured Business Loans

Secured Business Loans from Hunter Finance

1st May 2019

Secured Business Loans from Hunter Finance

Our Property Finance is a secured business loan that enables you to access the funding needed to start or grow your business in property development.

A secured business loan is typically acquired with a fixed period contract with agreed repayments, which can vary significantly depending on the asset used to secure the loan.

Our typical loans are:

  • Amount: £100,000 to £2,500,000
  • Term: 6 to 12 months
  • Annual Cost: 8 – 18%

You can contact us online and we will get back to you to discuss loan terms for your project.

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We are specialist private lenders

We offer secured lending to individual and commercial property developers in Sussex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Kent.

Our secured business loan rates compare favourably with our competitors. We use our property development loan calculator to determine your interest rates and fees based on factors like the profitability of your project and the security you are providing. We provide property funding.

Find out more about our property development finance options. Apply in principle online here.

Case study: Detached Property in Surrey

Experienced developers approached us looking for a property development loan of £420,000 to cover 100% of the build costs for their housing project. We were quick to issue an offer in principle and terms were agreed after a site visit. The property was completed and sold for a large profit.

Our property development finance explained

As private development finance lenders, we can tailor our loans to suit our clients. We are experts in the property market in London, Essex, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire. Borrow up to £2.5 million as a medium-term loan or up to £1 million as a 3 to 6-month bridging loan. Start your investment.

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