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Loans guide from Hunter Finance

Complete guide to securing private finance

You have approached your high street lenders and have been refused. What are your options now?

A private lender like Hunter Finance is the perfect choice for those looking for alternative loan options. Lending our own money means that we can offer more flexibility with our loans than a mainstream bank.

We can tailor our specialist financial products to suit our customers. Find out more.

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Funding from a private lender is an ideal option for:   

  • Builders and developers investing in land and/or property for development
  • Commercial property investors
  • Residential housing developments with the intent to sell

A guide to commercial property loans from Hunter Finance

“The best development finance around, very understanding and helpful.”  Paul Reeve, Google Review

We lend to developers from private funds, for new build projects, redevelopments and major renovations.  Hunter Finance offers property loans up to £2.5m and bridging loans up to £1m. See our exclusive rates.

We offer a range of different financial products for commercial property and development:

  • Short term bridging loans
    A quick way to borrow funds for your property purchase or development. We lend £100k to £1million.
  • Business property loans
    Our property loans are ideal for commercial and residential developments. Borrow up to £2.5 million. The average loan term is 6 to 12 months.
  • Building & construction finance
    We offer loans of up to £2.5m for property development costs. We loan up to 100% of building costs.

Other finance available:

Apply Direct to the Lender | Fast Completion

Hunter Finance lends money from our private funds. Speak directly to the decision-makers: no need to waste time and money dealing with brokers or middlemen.  We can give an agreement in principle in as little as 48 hours and the funds can be in your account in 8 – 10 working days.

Not sure if you are eligible for a commercial loan from Hunter Finance? Get in touch and talk to our finance team.

Call us on 01825 749721 or email info@hunterfinance.co.uk.

Talk to commercial property development finance experts

Apply for your loan

If we can help we will say so, if we can’t we will be able to point you in the right direction or suggest alternative financial vehicles.


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