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Property Development Business Plan

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1st May 2019

How to Write a Successful Property Development Business Plan

Whether you are a first time property developer or an experienced commercial property company, it is essential to have a detailed business plan.


There is certain information that we as property lenders will need to know in order to make a decision whether to lend or not.

We determine each application on a case by case basis: writing clear and detailed property development investment proposal will make it simpler for our lending team to assess your project.

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Have a look at our sample property development business plan:

This basic template includes essential information. You can use this template as a guide or call our friendly and helpful team on 01825 749721 for advice about what to include. See our loans guide for more about our financial products.

You can also apply in principle online here and we will get back to you to discuss your development in more detail.

Property Development Business Plan

  • Summary: an overview of your development project.
  • Introduction: include essential information and supporting documents, plans and schematics.
  • Description of the Development:
    • Your development proposal
    • Location including photographs and sketches
    • The current state of land and/or property
    • Paperwork such as Planning Applications and Permits
    • Details of companies involved such as architects and contractors
    • Time Scales – duration of development, expected completion date
    • Risk analysis: tell us about your experience and how you plan to manage the project
  • Finance: full analysis and breakdown of costs involved and how much you are asking to borrow. Include the value of the property, how you are securing the loan and your planned exit strategy.

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