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Additional Funds for In-Progress Builds: Re-bridging

Not every property project runs smoothly or is completed by the originally planned date.

A re-bridging loan is used when you need to refinance an existing loan.

Usually, re-bridging loans are used to seek a better interest rate, or if an existing bridging loan is coming to an end or has been unsuccessful.

For over a decade, the property development specialists here at Hunter Finance have been helping both residential and commercial landlords and investors climb the property ladder.

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Key considerations:

When thinking about applying for a re-bridging loan, here are some factors you should be considering:

  • What is the LTV percentage available?
  • Do lenders consider properties in a state of disrepair?
  • What are the monthly rates?
  • What is the standard term for the loan?
  • What are the interest rates and can it be rolled into the loan?
  • Are refurbishments and/or conversions accepted?
  • Is adverse credit considered?

How are Re-bridging loans assessed?

Hunter Finance have been responsible for helping both first time and experienced developers achieve their goals and secure maximum returns on their development properties.Refinancing bridging loans are taken much more seriously than standard bridging loans; your lender will want to ensure that in re-bridging, you are solving the root cause of the financial issue.

Your credit rating and history and the requested LTV will also be taken into consideration during the application process for a re-bridging loan.

Get in touch with Hunter Finance to discover your property development finance options

To make sure that your bridging loan will not fail again, you should create a detailed exit plan for your lender.

Why should I have an exit strategy?

An in-depth and well-thought exit strategy is an integral part of the application process for a re-bridging loan and is often what determines the success of your proposal.

If you are planning to refinance to a short-term loan such as a mortgage, then you will need to provide the evidence that this will be a viable and possible option.

If the sale of your property is planned then a quantity surveyor will provide an estimated marketing period for the property.

Your financial director will need to know this so they can ensure that the sale can go through before the term of the new loan comes to an end.

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What are my other funding options?

There are a number of funding solutions when it comes to property.

Whether you want to fund an auction purchase, or need the money for a new build or renovation, your financial supervisor will be able to suggest the best funding options for you.

Other options include:

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