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Bridging Loans For Property Developments

Applying for planning permission and bridging loans

Bridging Loans & Finance 

The Complete Guide To Bridging Loans, Finance and Funding Options

At Hunter Finance, we understand that the property investment market is not always as straightforward as it could be.

As independent lenders, we understand the importance of understanding how it all works in order for you to successfully complete your development project.

We want to make the process of obtaining finance for your development, as simple and stress-free as possible.

Bridging loans at Hunter Finance is quick, easy and straightforward, and we lend from £100k to £1million.

A rapidly-arranged bridging loan can make the difference between a sealed deal and a lost opportunity.

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Avoid high street banks

With over 10 years of experience in lending our own money, Hunter Finance is equipped with the skills and expertise that allows us to make rapid decisions, which can be made in under 48 hours.

We offer privately-funded bridging loans to help property developers stay on top of their development plans even when cash-flow becomes an issue.

Hunter Finance never discriminates against the size of your company or project, we’ve worked with property developers ranging in experience from first-time developers to commercial projects.

Our expertise in the field, combined with the fact that no brokers or middlemen are involved, gives us the ability to make snap decisions that do not further delay your plans – unlike banks or other mainstream lenders.

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Experts in Residential and Commercial Lending

We have a wide range of clients working on projects of all sizes from small scale residential developments to larger commercial enterprises.

We offer specialist funding options:

How do bridging loans work?

Bridging loans are a short-term finance loan that provides a solution for homeowners and builders to bridge a funding gap.

These are often used in circumstances when a project has come to an end, or the development loan is about to finish.

Here the developer requires an extended finance loan to ensure their build makes it to completion and sale.

Usually, bridging loans have minimum terns, which can be anywhere from one to three months.

The loan can be repaid after this period, however, this often incurs additional charges.

Our bridging loans can help developers to:

  • Complete a new purchase
  • Buy development land
  • Buy a property at auction
  • Refurbish an existing property
  • Stop repossessions, clear debts or avoid bankruptcy
  • Finance a large order for building materials

Contact specialist lenders today to see how we can help.

Create an exit strategy

Each bridging loan will require an achievable exit strategy that has been agreed upon with the lender. Processes may include:

  • longer-term finance
  • the sale of completed units or development

We offer short-term funding options.

Different lenders cover different percentages of costs. Here, at Hunter Finance, we supply up to 60% of the land purchase price and in some instances are able to offer 100% to cover building costs.

We offer loans that range from £100k – £2.5million, with new lower rates for £1 million+ transactions and 6 -12-month terms.

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