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Bosham Property Development, Development loan split between land purchase and building finance

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Bosham Detached Property Development | £202,000 Property Development Loan Provided

Property contractors who required development finance had contacted us after coming across a plot of land for sale in Bosham, Chichester.

They required a two-part finance deal that would allow them to make a purchase upon the land quickly (property in this area is in high-demand and usually plots of land go within days).

Prime property development location

Knowing the prime locations and best spots to buy a property and acting fast is what helps to make a successful land developer.

Over the past few years, interest in property within Bosham has frown significantly.

Any property or land within 10 miles of Chichester is highly sought after and high prices grow up to 10% annually.

Hunter Finance privately lends and provides finance to real estate developers in London and the South East of England, which is a prime area for securing and building properties.

The property development finance loan

It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that prime development land can yield large profits through investment. And not having the financing at the right time can see you losing out on a huge opportunity.

But with Hunter Finance you don’t ever have to miss out again.

We make same-day decisions to help you secure the land and start building without any delays.

Not only do we provide loans to cover building costs, but to help you buy the land in the first place.

For the Chichester property developers, we were able to provide an initial loan of £202,000, which included funds guarantee to the seller.

Once the land had been bought and secured, the developer was ready to commence construction on a 4 bedroom detached property. Hunter Finance then provided another loan of £330,000 to cover the building costs of the new build.

How much can I borrow?

Development sold and completed in just 12 months

The final GDV of the property was £995,000, which is exactly what it sold for.

The sale of the property had even been agreed before the construction work had even been finished.

Our quick drawdowns meant that the property developer was able to make progress with the construction very quickly, which lead to the property being sold and completed within a 12-month period.

Immediate financing: 100% building costs covered

Hunter Finance lends to both big and small businesses, we’ve helped many first-time, inexperienced developers get their property off the ground and they are so much happier for doing it – some have even become millionaires in just under twelve months

Check our lending criteria to see if you’ll be able to start funding your next development project.

We lend from £100k to £2.5m

With no middlemen in the way and no broker fees, Hunter Finance is able to make faster and quicker decisions so you can progress with your project with no further delay, or missing out an opportunity to secure land.

Our loan decisions take up to 48 hours and save our clients time and money.

For any further advice about planning consent, buying or selling land, or building developments in Chichester visit Planning and development: Chichester District Council.

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