Properties in commuter hotspots set to rocket in price

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The Department for Transport has pushed forward plans to improve London rail services by taking back control, offering cheaper fares and more services.

The knock on effect of this is more demand for property across the south-east.

Developers across the south-east will see their profits rise as house prices rise with the increased demand and the lack of supply.

Investment in property is only going to yield higher rewards within the south.

Capitalise on the house price rises by investing in property developments in London and the South East.

Our Lending Criteria

The most profitable developments are in commuter hotspots

With the expansion of rail services to the capital, new areas of London and the South East will be attractive to property buyers. Hunt out the current favourite hotspots and up and coming areas to grab a bargain and potentially make a lot of money from your development.

Find out more about new commuter hotspots.


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