What alternatives to borrowing from Hunter Finance are there?

How do I fund property development in the UK?

How To Secure Finance For Property Developments

If you have decided you want to develop a property, the first step is acquiring the funds needed to do so.

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How to find investors for your project

If you cannot gain funds from the bank, and for some reason, you do not want to go with a private lender, below are some alternative options and the associated benefits and risks:

  1. Borrow from friends and family: this option is favourable because you will not be subject to interest rates that are standard practice when it comes to institutional/private loans. However, the obvious risk is that being in debt to your friends and family can often put stress on your relationship if the lender requires the money back before you are able to pay.
  2. Join up with a partner to share funds: you may be lucky enough to have a friend, colleague or family member who is also keen on developing the property. This means you can put together your savings, so you are in a more lucrative position than if you were to build on your own. It also means your partner will share some of the risks. However, the problem here is similar to option 1, as it can often put a strain on the relationship. Additionally, during the building phase, you may discover that you and your partner have different goals and expectations, whereas working individually means having full reign over decision making.
  3. Use alternative private investors: Hunter Finance is not the only lender out there and you may want to do your research to find out which lender you would like to partner with. Click here to read more about the benefits of working with us.
  4. Use crowdfunding platforms: crowdfunding platforms will allow you to raise funds through multiple investors. Your project will be shared on the chosen crowdfunding platform and investors will have the opportunity to choose whether they would like to invest in your project, but if you do not receive an adequate amount of funding your project can still be closed down from the site, meaning you may spend time and money to attract funding but not necessarily get the funding.

What does Hunter Finance offer that other lending options are missing?

Funding options to become a property developer
Development completed within 12 months.

We are a private lender that specialises in development finance.

We have seen first-time developers turn millionaires,  and we help our borrowers acquire their funds in as little as 10 working days.


We have over 10 years of experience in the field helping developers

Prior to this, we have our own personal experience in property development

Land sourcing

We help our borrowers with the securing land process and LTV land purchase (loans over 60% may require additional security)


There are few restrictions on the work we do. We lend to a range of developers including:

  1. Private individuals and first-time developers
  2. Large and small property/building companies
  3. Commercial developers
  4. Residential developers


Provide loans ranging from £100k to £2.5million

We can negotiate deals to cover the costs of the site purchase and on top of this can cover 100% of build costs.

We offer 0 broker fees and 0 upfront fees.

We have successfully completed over 250 developments.

We have received multiple 5-star reviews and helped our borrowers see impressive returns time and time again.

Ready to turn your property dreams to reality?

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