No-deal Brexit and house prices

No-Deal Brexit

The current UK political system has undoubtedly caused quite a stir throughout the country. Current PM Boris Johnson has had the last word, and it looks like we’ll be welcoming a no-deal Brexit this October.

As we pack our bags and prepare to wave a strict goodbye to the EU trade deal, the country will begin seeing a wide variety of changes and alterations to the way things are run.

One of the first questions that have come to most people’s minds, is how will this sudden change impact our house prices? We consulted the experts.

“House prices are rising at a staggering rate, jumping 14% over the pre-Brexit rates.”

This is obviously an unsettling statistic that has sent thousands of potential developers into a panic. Just to add to their concern, 81% of homeowners believe house prices are set to skyrocket in the next 6 months.

In order to find some sort of solution to this obvious hurdle, Hunter Finance is offering a helping hand. So, what’s their mission?

Giving Developers A Chance

With over 9 years of experience, these independent investors focused their business towards helping property developers in the South East who have been shut down in the past by banks refusing to offer them a loan. Their motivation stems from granting builders the push forward needed to get their plans off the ground.

Without much further ado, let us get into the process. Initially, the team at Hunter Finance will assess whether the business is viable enough to qualify for a loan. Several risk assessments later, and a timely decision will be made, all the while putting your needs as a customer first. Automatically, this company has an edge over the bureaucratic bank system.

Doing what’s best for you

At the end of the day, the point Hunter Finance is effectively trying to make is that they can understand your goals, and want to help you the best they can. Looking for some proof? The company has a proven success rate which allows the team to see an influx of new potential developer-partnerships every day.

“Today, Hunter Finance boasts a portfolio of over 250 development projects across the south-east.”

Whether you’re a first-time property developer requiring that first push to make it in the building department, or an experienced company who wants to expand their business, Hunter Finance is here for you. Get in contact today.