Is borrowing from private lenders as safe as borrowing from banks?

Private lenders tend to lend to those with less-than-stellar credit while banks usually stick to individuals with higher credit scores.

Banks Loans vs Private Lender Loans

If you are interested in property development, the first step is to ensure you have access to the funds needed to facilitate your project. 

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There are several options you can use to fund your development:

  1. Gain a loan from a commercial bank
  2. Use personal funds
  3. Pair up with a partner and combine your funds
  4. Request a loan from family or friends
  5. Borrow funds from a private lender such as Hunter Finance

What are private lenders and how do they work?

There are many reasons why a mainstream lender or bank would choose not to offer a loan, the main one being that the prospective borrower requesting the loan is too high of a risk.

A private lender is someone who uses their own capital to finance investments, whether that be property development or any other endeavour they deem profitable.

Private lenders gain a profit from the interest paid by the borrower on the loan.

Private lenders are not affiliated with banks or other financial institutions so they work closely and directly with their borrower.

Hunter Finance has been operating as an independent lender since 2010.

We exist to bridge the funding gap in the property development market between potential developers and their building projects.

Why choose a private lender over a bank?

Is development finance the key to solving the housing crisis?Since 100% of our loans are funded using our own money, we are able to make fast decisions and accept a much larger variety of applications than banks, who run a bigger risk of losing capital (that essentially does not belong to them).

We accept applications from first-time developers, developers with varying degrees of experience and developers who have been rejected by banks in the past.

Hunter Finance provides fast funding for a variety of properties, including commercial, multi-family residential builds and conversions.

If you are successful in acquiring funding with Hunter Finance, there are no intermediaries or brokers to deal with, which will often save you time and money.

Additionally, we are personally experienced in the field of property development so can provide insightful advice and a strong network for first-time developers.

Are private lenders legal, regulated and safe?

When people have been rejected from multiple banks, hearing about a lending company such as Hunter Finance can often seem too good to be true.

For this reason, they may be cautious about working with a private lender.

However, the same laws and practices that govern loans from banks and other traditional lenders apply to private lenders.

The main differences are that private lenders often choose to lessen the severity of qualifications on the borrower to make the loan process more streamlined.

Why choose Hunter Finance?

Hunter Finance has no middlemen meaning you save the additional costs and time required for dealing with them.

If accepted, you gain quick access to private money, allowing you to commence with your development plans according to your projected timeline – loans can be obtained in days rather than banks’ lengthy process that often takes weeks.

Proven success rates; see first-time property developer turns millionaire and this development that was completed and sold in under 12 months.

Are you looking for development finance but have been turned down in the past?

We lend to both individual developers and larger development firms.

Our goal is to help developers who have previously been rejected from banks reach their full potential and bring their projects to life.

We have helped both inexperienced first-time developers get their property portfolio going, and have helped others achieve a GDP of £2,800,000.

At Hunter Finance we are experts in the field of property development, and developers who choose to work with us are fortunate to have access not only to our funds but also to our skills and expertise that we are more than happy to share.

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